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Media and marketing with a passion for food

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Having worked in media and advertising for over 13 years, I understand how marketing can drive growth for your business. I also appreciate that today's marketers are faced with an almost limitless array of options, all laying claim to their limited budget with the promise of transforming their business.

As a consultant, I use the skills and experience I've built up advising some of the world's biggest food and drinks brands, to help you make smarter decisions and deliver your objectives. This can range from understanding the market better and clarifying your brand's position within it, to advising on product development and creating content to engage potential customers.

No two businesses face the same challenges or need the same solutions, so please get in touch to see how I can help your business grow.


Services I offer include:

  • Writing an effective marketing strategy and prioritising your media budget
  • Developing and articulating your brand positioning
  • Understanding the market and competitive context
  • Creating engaging content and developing your product
Click here to find out more about my media and marketing experience

Click here to find out more about my media and marketing experience

There are four main areas where I can help grow your business:


marketing strategy and budget priorities

Building a successful marketing strategy starts with asking the right questions. I specialise in unpacking complex business challenges and working with you to develop clear, creative, actionable solutions. I can draw on a wealth of experience, advising large and small brands on how to allocate marketing dollars to best achieve their objectives - helping you to prioritise your spend across paid, owned and earned media.


developing your Brand positioning

You know your brand inside out - but it's often hard to articulate this clearly in a way that stands out in market. Yet a clear brand framework should underpin every aspect of your business, and be the driving force behind every decision you make. I can work with you to distill your brand into clear and simple assets, and help you to communicate them to all stakeholders. 


Understanding the market context

Using various tools and data sets, I can help you better understand your competition, and find actionable opportunities for growth. I can also help you to keep ahead of the latest trends, ideas and innovation, with custom-written reports on the food and drink market most relevant to your business.


Creating engaging content and products

My experience on MasterChef Australia exposed me a to a world of ingredients and techniques, building on my existing passion for food and drink. I can use this to create content that engages potential and existing customers - from recipes and social media posts, to new products and revamping your menu.

We were a small company trying to win business with a major supermarket chain and needed to refine and clarify our brand. Arum’s process enabled us to distill our message and pitch with confidence and professionalism. It was an enlightening process which has resulted in a real step change in our business as well with the short term win.
— Charmaine Blair, Northern Beaches Farm
When working with Arum we found him to be very professional. He brought some great insights and was able to establish a framework for us to work in that showed our business consistently across media and stopped our scatter gun approach to marketing. Arum understands marketing and his experience within the food industry makes him an asset for any business
— Ben Clinch, The Free Range Butcher

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